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About Luca

Luca Seretti is a Director of Photography and Editor based in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Rome, after obtaining his degree in Cinema and Television from “Roberto Rossellini “ Film School, Luca started working for Edit One - A video production company -, making more than 200 music videos for top Italian Hip Hop artists and drawing millions of viewers on YouTube and other social media platforms.


Feeling the need to challenge himself even further, he decided to move to Los Angeles for an Associate degree in Cinematography and Editing at LACC. Since then, he has collaborated in many projects: participating at the 48 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles and his festival-nominated short film Skit Row, directed and shot by himself and his crew.

Currently, he works as a freelance Director of Photography in Los Angeles on narratives, commercials and music videos.

With the skill sets he has acquired throughout the years, he’d like to contribute to companies such as Disney, Netflix, Universal, etc.

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His experiences goes from being a Cinematographer and Gaffer to directing, camera skills and Editing.

He is bilingual in Italian with a deep curiosity like Leonardo Da Vinci for wanting to know how things work in the pipeline, and just like wanting to know more he gives more work to the current project he is engaged in.

Luca uses it to push himself beyond his limits to become a better element in the job environment, even if he has to stay on set for more than 12 hours, he will be back first the next day in the morning.

That is why he succeeds both in a team and alone, because he thinks ahead of any problems that can arise and has solutions ready.

He is the founder of Film Revolution LA

He is always ready to learn more and to show my creativity to others.

Looking forward to hear from you soon and thank you for your time.

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